1. Q: Where can I read more about the characters in the forthcoming Storm Drain Chronicles?
    A: "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins" is a short story introducing the main characters and is available for download at www.smashwords.com, The Apple Store and other fine purveyors of electronic books.  Download it to meet the fearsome foursome and then wait patiently for the full-length novel!

2. Q: When will the Storm Drain Chronicles be available?
    A: The story is still a work in progress and no release date has been set.

3. Q: Who is your literary agent?
    A: I am currently unrepresented. If you are, or know of, an established literary agent with a proven  track record who might be interested in representing the Storm Drain Chronicles, please feel free to contact me to discuss options.
4. Q: How can I contact you?
    A: Drop me a line at: info@stormdrainchronicles.com