What scares you? Ghosts? Clowns? Dirty dishes? Strange molds? Cat dander?

Can you express it in a...


If so, please join The Storm Drain Chronicles by writing and submitting your very own HALLOWEEN HAIKU OF HORROR on or before Sunday night, October 27th !

Submission process:

1. Write it! (traditional 5-7-5 format and family friendly)
2. Post it! Post anytime on or before October 28 to Storm Drain Chronicles on Facebook - please Like the page, too!
3. Share it! Share your masterpiece by clicking the "Share" link on your submission post and sharing it on your timeline, on a friend's timeline, etc. You may also invite others to the formal Facebook event--the more the merrier!
4. Win it! All participants will get a coupon code for a free digital copy of the perfect for the season short story (with the long title), "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins." Is this how Bloody Mary started? Do you dare read it in the dark?

All submitted Haikus will be featured at during the week of Halloween. By submitting, you give permission to have them posted with your first name and last initial.

Not a poet? Who cares! Can you count? Do you know what a syllable is? Can you use Google to find out if not? Well, then join the fun!

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