And the Winners Are...

On Friday the 13th, I had a last minute idea for a 13-word horror story contest.  Despite the late notice, I still got folks to contribute. Here are some of the best, highlighting that true horror may be more an issue of perspective and experience than anything else!

My effort was:

Midnight. "I'm home," I joke, my apartment empty. "Welcome home," replies sinister voice.

Everyone below will receive a  coupon code for a download of my short story, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, titled (the short story with the looong title!), "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins."

And, if you missed out on this creative contest, don't fret, I've got another one in the works that I'll announce here and on the Facebook page (

Now, on to the winners:

Butter slathered across the walls. Sink overflowing. Flour sprinkled everywhere. Poltergeist? No. Children.
Jeanna S.

I wasn't sleeping. The wraithlike apparition reflected in the mirror reminded me why.
April S.

Jack could see the road construction on I-15 had started again in Orem.
April S.

The pale bloody hand choked him. A raspy voice said "give it back!!!!"....
Andy S.

Click. "Now you are mine forever!". And she knew it was true...
Angus M.

Alone. Feeling creepy. "There's nothing there," I scoff. A reply. "Yes there is..."
John P.

Terrible nightmare, dreaming I'm being eaten alive. Wake up. It's not a dream.
John P.

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  1. Those were some pretty great stories! I particularly loved yours and John P's second one. Yikes. :) (Oh, and April's second one. Sigh.)