Writing and Riding

First, this post has nothing to do with my writing, but it does have something to do with my riding, which kinda sounds the same, right?  You see, I like bikes, kinda like an eight-year-old, I suppose.  And, it's time to get a new one and I've found this nifty little contest that might help me get one gratis--yeppers, free!  After checking my budget, it appears that I can afford that price!

However, I can't do it alone! So, if you’ve yet to do your good turn daily or just need a few Karma points, please follow this link, Bike Contest, “Like” their page and click on the “Vote for Me” icon on my silly little pic. If it's not on the first page, then scroll through 'til you find me, "Frank Adams." I’d be pleased as the proverbial punch if you could help me out and thanks mucho in advance and Happy New Year!

And yes, feel free to leverage your power of persuasion and ask your friends and family members to help out! ;o)

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