Do You See What They See?

When you see a book and it has detailed character depictions on the cover (or website or whatever), what do you think? That is, do you like it when books show you what a character looks like using photos, photo realistic art, etc., or do you prefer to "create" the characters on your own, using the details provided in the story?

For me, the preference is definitely to build the characters in my own mind's eye as I read. It may not be as detailed and certainly may not match the author's vision, but that's how I roll. I'm certain there are exceptions which I do not recall, but I'm drawing that line in the sand (interesting that one draws a line in the sand, a line which even the smallest of children can change).  And yes, I still read a book with detailed character images on the cover, but I don't "use" them when I read!

As to status of "The Storm Drain Chronicles: Enter the Storm Drain", I'm waiting for review notes from my Alpha reader on Part I (Prologue, several "mini chapters" and chapters 1-5) and working on revising Part II, still focusing on trimming the fat.

Onward, ever onward.



  1. I'm horribly un-visual when I read a book. I rarely have anything more than a vague idea of what a person looks like when I read, whether or not there's a picture on the front. I just don't pay much attention because I don't particularly care (this turns out to be very problematic for me when creating characters because I tend to forget/not care what they look like). Now, when a movie has been made and then I read the book--then I do tend to envision the movie character as I read.

  2. I would be inclined to agree with you. Maybe it's okay for things like romance novels, but I don't read those. I like more cryptic art that perhaps depicts settings or shadowy figures and the like. I want a mystery that will intrigue me and make me want to read what's in the book without too many expectations.

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  3. Arlee, I agree with you on "cryptic art"! I'm not saying no characters on the cover, I just tend to prefer to fill in the details myself.