SDC_Storm Drain I Alpha DRAFT 1_2r.doc

That's the MS Word title of the most current draft of the first book in the Storm Drain Chronicles series.  Rather cryptic, wouldn't you say?  Well, I'd love to tell you what it means, but mostly it just means it's the most current version of the first book.  Although, the "r" indicates that it is the 18th revision of that particular version.

By way of word count, that document contains over 100,000 words and about twenty-six chapters spread over 162 pages.  Keep in mind, though, that it has a lot of notes up front and an appendix of all the significant deletions from various edits.  One of those deletions, you may know as it is the ghost story in "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins, which was victim to the cutting room floor of the first book, but resurrected into a short story.  Yeah, I know, pretty cool.

Okay, getting time to delve into that draft and see just exactly where it is at in it's evolutionary stage!

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