It's been a busy week

It's been a busy week now that TUTOLMJ (The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins) has been published.  It's on Smashwords ( and Amazon (, where it is #97,706 in the Kindle Store (Dare I ask how many titles are listed in the Kindle Store?), but #97 Fiction->Children's Fiction->Literature->Short Story Collections (Again, dare I ask how many titles are listed in that category?).  Hopefully those numbers will change.  If not, you'll likely never see them mentioned here again.

I've spent the last week working a grassroots marketing effort of friends, family and various related groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as posting a few Pins to Pinterest.  Now, I am working on a trailer that I can post to YouTube, and then link to Amazon, Smashwords, here, etc.

So, more busy!

And, yeah, at some point, I need to blow the cyber dust off of "The Storm Drain Chronicles" proper and see where that project is at.

Haven't read TUTOLMJ yet?  What's stopping you?!

Take care all!

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