This is the beginning

Hello!  I'm about to go over to Facebook and announce the publication of my first short story, "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins."  It's the first step in a grand scheme to publish a full-length Young Adult Science-Fiction novel/series, tentatively titled, "The Storm Drain Chronicles".  Hence, the name of the website.

If you've stumbled upon this site or come here from Facebook, welcome!  Please consider this site as being in a "Beta" state for now (I may take a lead from Google and keep saying that for several, several years...).  Feel free to suggestion improvements, note errors, etc. and I'll do my best to make this as useful and interesting as possible!

If you haven't already downloaded TUTOLMJ, please do so here:  Smashwords provides files in enough formats that you should be able to read it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.  In a few weeks, it should be available on and the Apple Store, too, to make access that much easier.  If you download it now, however, you'll be one of the first, on the cutting edge, per se, and therefore one of the cool cats! Imagine being the very first person to write a review!  Could you day get any better?!  :o)

After you read it, feel free to leave me your thoughts here and/or write a review on Smashwords, or wherever you happened to download.

And thus, the journey begins!



P.S.  Here's the cover for "The Unfortunate Tale of Little Mary Jenkins":

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